Presenting Mr Andy Murdoch AKA Happy Jack

On the Sunday afternoon, at the run out of Scoots at the Mod Weekender, I met up with Andy Murdoch. We had all went around together during the Scene Club days, and after that for a while too at the Star Club. I was fantastic to see Andy again as we had so many great days in the past, with all sorts of people like Apples, Davie McKenzie, big Frank, as well as the crowd that I mostly hung around with. This is a wee photo taken up at the Scene Club. In it are Rod (the Mod) Jaggy, Paddy, Davie McKenzie, me, Knoxy, and Happy Jack himself. (tash included)

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  • I'm glad someone can see it Alex, and you are correct in that Andy is on the far right, not politically, only in the snap.

    I have a photo somewhere that has big Frank Cameron in it. It was taken in the Star Club by me, and also in it are you, Shug, and wee Pat, who looks like a black cat has gone to sleep on the top of his napper.

    I have not seen or heard of big bunnet since those bygone days of the early 80s. But I do remember you talking about the night you had the heeby jeebies with the pills.
  • I have not done it properly Norrie. I will take the photo home with me and hopefully scan it in properly and either attach it myself (ok my wife will do it) or send it to Stevie to do the necessary. Take my word for it though, this one is a decent photo, apart from Paddy wearing a Rangers scarf that is ha ha.
    • It's the format you've saved the scan in that's the problem, Chris.

      give it to your lovingly patient wife, you work on yer scooter. lol.
    • Actually, I can see it, though I had to down load it, Chris. So if that's Andy on the extreme right then we do indeed know each other.

      I recall the name big Frank but I'm havimg problems putting a face to the name.

      Does anybody know where Jaggy is these days?

      I use to run round with Jaggy. He & I & Rab H. from Maryhill took a load of DO-DO tablets one night before going up the Scene club. Allan Glass had told me about them. DO-DO tablets could be bought over the counter at any chemist. They were for treating chest infection & for some reason unknown to us, they were full of caffine.

      So we bought a couple of packets and took 4 each but after 20 minutes nothing was happening so we took another 4 each. By the time I hit the club I was absolutely buzzing out my nut. Great!

      Except about an hour later I was still getting higher & it was no longer fun - I thought I was gonna die. Jaggy & Rab were exactly the same. The 3 of us high as F. kites but also sweating like F*ck & shaking uncontrollably. I ended up throwing up in the lassies toilet... Another great night!
  • Can't see the picture in work Chris. I'll have a look tonight.
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