• I think if you feel comfy, look good and can stay one step ahead of the masses (quite hard these days..) it shouldn't matter what you wear.. Although I tend to edge towards FP or John Smedley..

  • Thanks, i've got a thick skin.  Old school is the word. The main thing is quality and class

  • Fred Perry, without a doubt. The fit and the quality is by far superior to Pretty Green. Being a skinny git, all Pretty Green "small" size hang like a sack, whereas, Fred Perry "xs" sizes are just so cool and fit perfectly. That's not to say I don't like some of the stuff, but if it's quality and value for money, it has to be Fred Perry. Merc and Ben Sherman good too.

    Must also recommend Jump The Gun, Brighton. Quality, style and value for money

  • If it ain't broke don't change it. Levis, Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Loakes, Mohair suits, Tootal scarves, YOU know the score


  • Put my head round the door of the Pretty Green store in Newcastle today - Can't say I'm impressed.

    To pay those sort of prices - I'd expect something made in this country, Japan or the USA.

    One or two of the Jackets looked OK - but the material was thin and not good quality and they weren't well made.

    So I'll keep saving my pennies for a Fred Perry at the End

  • here's something i wrote last year on my blog regarding fred perry



    And mr Ben Sherman  ben sherman

    and even a bit about the scene around 1979 79 mods

  • fred perry for me.wore them on and off  for 20 odd years but always up for trying something new.

  • I do believe the correct answer is John Smedley, do i win a prize ? Wink

    Ian B

    • yes I agree ian just bought a very  nice nitted polo in blue  by john smedley  and I bought a nice nitted fred perry in burgundy and a nice pair of loakes all from stewarts of  london  very nice indeed

  • I think I'm against Pretty Green purely on principle. How can a guy who was brought up in typical working class surroundings charge so much for his clothes? Okay he might want them to be seen as 'elite' but as mentioned previously they've now become 'as seen on Corrie' so they've lost that status already. Liam is supposed to be the man behind the branding so surely he must have some control over the costings? I know he visits the Carnaby St. store on occasion so he must have some interest in it. I don't own any PG stuff (I'm working class after all :-)) but have a few Fred Perry shirts, polos, and shoes. I generally think the stuff is good quality and I think that although some of the more casual style youngsters may have adopted them, it's all about how and what you wear it with.

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