• I saw both these bands together at the Music Machine 79-80, ( I think it was around the same time as The Mods Mayday, @ The Bridgehouse Canning Town)

    Saw the PH, 2010 with the Secret Affair. Purple Hearts were excellent that night, really tight. Secret Affair looked good , but did not sound so good, really loud bass. I know they can play as I saw them the first time round.

    Went to see the Chords play Friday night in Islington, nice venue. I got to know them quite well during the early days, Buddy and Martin came to my 21st in Finchley. They tipped us off about the Jam playing, as John's Boys @ The Marquee.( mind you half of all the Mods in London turned out, but we managed to get down there early, grt night)

    I always liked the Chords, great energy. I enjoyed Friday, great turnout. Spoke to Billy, Buddy and Chris beforehand, struggled to remember me, but it had been 30 years !!!  Thanks for coming along they said, that was nice.

    Always thought they should have gone onto better things, Chris Pope wrote some great tunes. He said to me once , what would have happened if the Jam had recorded " Maybe Tomorrow "  ???


    Dicky Mudd

    • Glad it was a good gig but gutted i couldn't make it. Any more planned Dicky?

  • Seen the Chords long long ago in East Kilbride, and then again last year in Glasgow, back in the day deffo the best of the "newer" bands.

    last year though a bit of a shambles with poor sound, but still had the nostalgia factor.

  • Saw Purple Hearts back in the 80's and about a year ago with Secret Affair. Both times they were excellent. Considering I was bit too young to see Secret Affair in their heyday, I thought Purple Hearts were much better live than them. BTW Ian Page is doing a great Johnny Vegas impression these days :)

    • I saw Secret Affair at the Odeon in Canterbury 1980 at the height of the mod revival. It was a fantastic gig with everyone going mental. Suffice to say time has caught up with Mr Page, as it does with a lot of people.!
      However I haven't seen them since then, except on footage on YouTube, but they still sound good. I might try and see them in November at the the 229 Club.
    • They were good but sound was so bad that my mate told Eddie Pillar to turn bass down a tad . Purple Hearts just were much tigher on stage and obviously play a lot more regularly.

    • Went to see The Chords last night. Packed crowd who clearly appreciated the lads being back together in London (minus Martin Mason on bass sadly). The band mingled with the audience before and after the gig chatting and posing for photographs and stuff which was nice to see. The Chords themselves were, to be honest, a little shambolic in places, clearly under rehearsed and nowehere near the band they were 30 years back. Perhaps none of this comes as a surprise to many but, and this is a big but, did I enjoy the night? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!! Just to see them on stage again and hearing things like BRITISH WAY OF LIFE, IN MY STREET, their version of I'LL KEEP ON HOLDING ON and of course MAYBE TOMORROW was good enough for me as a sort of 'one-off' trip back to me teenage years type of thing. The boys gave their all and that is all that can be asked on the night I suppose. The audience was full of big, ugly old boys like me hugging and shaking hands having not seen each other at a Chords gig for maybe three decades. It really was qute something in that respect. I saw the full line-up about 10 years back at a reunion for writer Terry Rawlings and though that musically they were far better at that gig. As a kid being a South-Londoner I saw the band maybe 10 or 12 times over a couple of years so hold them very dear to my heart.  I missed the 2010 tour and am gutted about that but last night despite the faults was for me something very special!!

    • I went down to The Chords gig last Friday and had a fantastic night. I thought they did pretty well considering Billy only arrived on the Tuesday.


    • The crowds reaction said it all really didn't it.
    • Was there also and had a really great time. I was really impressed with the venue, very well run and clean and tidy. I also happened to meet a friend there that I hadn't seen for over thirty years, so that I was a bonus for me.
      I thought the band were very good and came across well to the audience. It was quite fun watching the oldest mosh pit in London getting going as the gig progressed. All in all I had a great time as did my girlfriend who had no idea who the band was, and really enjoyed herself.
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