Quad MK II 'Won't Get Fooled Again.'

It was revealed in today's Sunday Herald that filming will start in 2013 on a sequel to the 79 Mod classic film. The new movie is being directed by Ex Skids man Richard Jobson and follows Jimmy Cooper through his time after the Mod scene when he has moved to India. He then moves back to Britain in 1969 and becomes a bit of an advertising guru. A pivotal moment in the film comes when Jimmy is offered Thatcher as a client. Does he take it on for the money or go with his principles ? The music goes from the early 70s right through to the Mod revival so will probably not be as good as the tracks from the 79 film. It does sound quite interesting right enough and Jobson has won a few plaudits with for his movie making in the past.

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  • tbh, ive since softened to quad, after i felt the overkill of it mention everywhere, but jimmy a hippy ? ok i can imagine him getting into lsd etc, but cant see him becoming some sort of ad man, more like a postman, but then they (the po) did kill his scooter, lol.. i imagined him to get lifted and do bit of bird, find out the heavys done chalkie in for smashing up the gangsters jag and doing a runner...(india ?) 

    • I think it's funny when people go on about a Quad' 2 or Quad' remake no one say's a word about the classic 20min video by Flowered Up "Weekender".

      If thats not a 90's Quadrophenia then what is. It's in two parts on youtube. Go and watch it and you'll known what i'm on about. It need's to be re-issued on DVD sharpish.  

  • I don't suppose there was ever going to be a follow up that was going to match the original film. And its a tough act to even attempt a sequel to such a cult film. Like a lot of people I will probably go just to see for myself how it turned out. Hopefully I will go with an open mind even although I am sure it won't live up to expecations of a Quad sequel.

  • I've heard about this...but i thought Quadrophenia 2 was to be based on the new book "To Be Someone"??

    • no mention of india in that book

    • There's no mention of what book it is based upon in the article. But it sounds possibly as if it is the one you mention Kai. It just says he goes off to India in the Hippy trail after the demise of the Mod scene and returns on New Years Eve 1969.

    • But many film's based on books [not that it is] end up anything like the book. Whatever happen's it will be interesting.

    • Doesnt sound very appealling on a Mod related vibe. 

    • I had not even heard any rumours aside from the one's we all heard years ago Gordon. I put the post in and assumed the facts were okay as they were from a reputable newspaper. Jobson is quoted in the article as well so it does seem to be genuine.

    • It sounds like the film is definately going ahead but there haven't really been any firm details as to the content other than it's about Jimmy later on. In a recent interview, Pete Townsend said he had granted permission for the film to go ahead and confirmed that Jobson was going to direct it but he had no idea what it would be about. I had presumed it was going to be based on the "To Be Someone" book too but I think the Thatcher angle suits Jobson better......

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