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Just found out that "To Be Someone", the sequel to Quad will be made sometime this year to be released next year, with some of the original cast members. I still haven't read the book.



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  • Leave it be !!!!

  • You`re absolutely right happiness my boy, crap remake after crap remake, the italian job, the day of the jackal, total recall, I could go on but its to painful!!

    If the movie business can`t come up with anything new other than zombies and endless poxy roncoms, then close the studios down and just re release the classic originals and put your whizz tech to good use and re master them.

    If they go for a remake of the classic Ipcress File I`m leaving for Mars and taking an electric scooter with me as I  think gasoline is in short supply up there!!!

    • I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at the thought of a Mod colony on Mars. Count me in!

      The good movies today are the small ones that don't get any publicity. I think it is similar to how there are a few good musical artists today that you can find if you look hard enough. The Beach Boys aren't exactly Mod, but the film Love and Mercy about the making of Pet Sounds was very well done. The creators of that film obviously cared more for the music of the Beach Boys than the creators of this mockery.

    • The need of the film industry to constantly create soulless remakes, sequels, and reboots of great films for money has always bothered me, but this is far more ridiculous. Quadrophenia is a cult classic, and I can't imagine that this would draw a large audience even if it was well made, the fact that this will apparently be such a mess is almost insulting.

      Thanks for the article, I liked reading what the Who had to say about the film.

  • It sounds completely cringe worthy, I have always loved Quadrophenia despite it's faults and critics and it was a major part of growing up as a young Mod, living some of it out myself.

    Lately over the past few years The Cast seem to be happy to use Quad as a Cash Cow Pension, any gimmick is ok for a few £££ More! Afterall they were only Actors, never really got the hero worship of them??? Saw Dave (Mark Wingnut) poncing drinks at a Scooter/Music weekend a few Years ago. The Ferdy bloke wearin a Suit and Trainers bein interviewed on the Beach at Brighton Mod Weekender couple of years ago. I can't bring myself to go and view a Crusty Quad 2....Leave It!  

  • It seems like to much time has passed, maybe it should have been made 25 years ago as the characters would still be young enough to be relevant to the original story?

    Please lets not have a 54 year old Jimmy in a parka aaaaargghh !!!

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    • The book it's supposed to based on tells the antics of Jimmy in decades to come. But don't read it, ffs!
      I still love to watch the original film occasionally, after a certain ammount of alcohol,haha!
  • I have not read the book so i cannot say I know anything about it at all. Its funny how away back in the early 80s (and maybe other times after) there was always rumours of a follow up to Quadrophenia being done. It would have maybe been better then as the cast were all still young enough to make it a youth movie. Although I cannot quite see the point of it now it is likely that curiosity will get the better of me and i will end up seeing it.
    • The book isn't too much connected to the Mod Scene at all, Chris, apart from the "Jimmy" character opening a mod Club for the '79 Revival Kids somewhere along the so called "Story". It's a big confusing shambles really with elements of a crime novel and even involving a haunted castle with a treasure hunt and ghosts in the end. There's definitely good mod fiction out there like Jason Brummels books or Here Comes The Nice by Jeremy Reid and then there's crap like Hard Boiled Mod or this one here.

      Read about a novel coming up called Glory Boys; the authors by the family names of Iron and Steel. Can hardly wait to leave it on the shelf tbh!

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