Quadrophenia - spot the mistakes

Now I don't mean to give the film a panning - it was a great film for me, and probably you too.I have it on DVD now but I must have seen it about 200 times in my life. I realise that seems excessive but that's the way I am about movies, if I like it, I'll watch it again. It's the same with books, I've read One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest at least 30 times in my life.Many years ago Hughie Paton, Chris Carmeron, John McGowan & me used to play a game while we watched Quadrophenia - namely, 'Spot the mistakes'.There are loads. Both continuity mistakes & historical mistakes.My question to you all is - How many mistakes are you aware of?I'll get the ball rolling. Remember the film is set in the year, 1964There's a scene where Jimmy's mother comes into his bedroom to wake him up for work. (It's before Brighton). She bends over him & shakes him awake. Then she straightens up & open the bedroom curtains. As she bends over again to try again to wake Jimmy, if you look out the window, you see a 125 intercity express train go past.The 125 train with the iconic 'pointy nose' was not introduced in Britain until about 1973!I know of at least another dozen mistakes, but for now I'll leave it here in order to see what you remember.

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  • Oh,'d have your work cut out to spot them all! I just go with the idea that it is a film LOOSELY based on a concept album, and not necessarily set in any particular year. My problem comes with the ilk of "believers" who imagine that if it wasn't in Quadrophenia, it isn't Mod.

  • Anyway anyhow anywhere on ready steady go is shown on the tv, it was released the year after the film was set. 

  • Has anybody noticed that as Jimmy and Steph enter the alley way someone is seen running out?

  • Well if there's one going spare I have to admit that I don't have that song by the Orlons Paul ha ha.
  • Sorry Paul. But Green Onions was originally released in August 1962 so it was known long before even the first of the Bank Holiday troubles of 1964.

  • I knew you would chip in on ths subject Mr Harris, I can remember sitting in your first flat listening to your Belfast Gypsies lp, both gazing at the record player watching that lovely peice of plastic doing 33rpm, with a cup of tea and two fags.

    Happy New Year to yourself Trish Lilly & George, as you know I am in Nottm on Wednesday (for you know what) and when thats all done depending on family. We might be able to pop round with Eddie in the evening if your  free chap.

    Oh you and Trish already on the guest list mate for the next CC

    Thanks for Christmas card - did you get ours

  • VERY GOOD - from the same stomping ground as Them, and certain members went on to play in Them, as well as The Belfast Gypsies, which is basically made up of ex- members of Them & The Wheels. Two ex members of The Wheels now live in a little Kent village. The Wheels also appear on RSG backing Rufus Thomas. They used to cover or re-write a lot of Them songs, whilst their tunes were being covered by American Garage Bands


    Seeing as I am in a festive mood I got this for you


  • I am sure in amongst the myriad of extras at Brighton, you can see geezers with shoulder length hair and flare activity. Not very 1964 to be sure....
    • Yep Lemmy is knockin on abit and in 1964, he was busy either following The Birds everywhere they played, or lugging around apmlifiers and drum kits for Irelands R&B gods The Wheels
    • Another strange one , was the crowd of Scooter Mods looking for Rockers, after Spider got a kicking , with Jimmy wearing shades at night time , riding a Scooter ? couldnt possibly be done.........
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