Hi  - some time ago some guys on here recommended clothing people I had never heard of - but have gone on to buy gear from.

Harryboy (recommended Berg and Berg and Lbm 1911)  and Derek G (who suggested SEH Kelly ) got me thinking  - can you recommend some great clothing makers or stores with a mod slant we should be looking at...(please see exclusions* below)

* We all probably know DNA, JTG and Adam of London so no need for a reminder

* We shall exclude Merc, Warrior, Atom Retro Ikon etc etc.....ha ha

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  • 3298043832?profile=original3298043836?profile=original3298048860?profile=originalOf course Leontine Hawley's Calle Modista belongs on this thread; lovingly crafted and strictly limited scarves and pocket squares for the Gents and beautiful dresses and skirts for the Ladies...


  • This looks an interesting site for ties, ps and socks...


    • I've a few ties by Shibumi. Lovely quality. Their knits (not the Zig Zags; which are great) really are nice. The last ones they did were in great colourways. Proper crunchy knit silk (on a par with Drakes). They've not had any up for a while though. Fast service as well and they come boxed. €70 but if you wait til they have a sale their €35. I've one PS by them which is spot on. Their sun-glasses case thing they do are quite cool and look funky worn in a breast pocket when your loafing round the town in the day.

  • Michelson's for ties.
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    • I've used him a few times and a few of my mates have, I'm not sure if he's retired now.
    • The bloke who ran it was called Kenny I'm sure he was featured on granada reports last year as he was one of the few left.
    • That looks like John Locke's - allegedly the worlds' oldest hatmaker behind St James' church in Picadilly. I would want to buy something from there just for the experience! something. "Everyone else says no - but do it anyway." 

  • Has anybody ordered from Modclothin/Ministry of Mod in Nottingham? I ordered a suit from them a month ago and they still have not shipped it, despite it being fully paid for. The service is the worst I have ever experienced from an online vendor, and is especially annoying since I would have been happy to wait this long (and pay for) a bespoke suit from a local tailor had I known. I will stand corrected if anyone can give me a better outcome from this company, but as far as I am concerned, I will not be likely to patronise them again, let alone recommend them, unless they really get their finger out.

    • Their made to order stuff in fact takes four weeks or more, Graham, but it's true that communication with them worked a lot better in the past.
    • No Alan, it was off the peg, since I am pretty much stock size for UK slimfit styles. I'm sure the quality will be fine, and they do state that even ready-made suits are shipped in 14-18 days to be fair. I accepted that, but it's been a month now, and it seems to have been in part some confusion over Paypal US and their payment policies......a little misunderstanding on both sides, perhaps. From what I'm getting, they are an OK company, but communications are poor, and the guy I am dealing with is very defensive.

                     Looks like it could be a good five weeks for mine after all, and I don't mind that much - I just like to be correctly informed, that's all.


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