Relco suits?

Hey guys, 

I saw a couple of Relco suits for sale online, and was wondering if anyone can shed some light on their quality? IS the fabric and fit any good or is there a better company to go for? 



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  • I'm not sure about Relco suits but I have a Relco London harrington jacket, and for the price, I think it's very nice.

  • If you're into 100% Synthetics, they might be just right!

    • Yeah just saw a few of the labels and it's a poly/viscose mix, if I'm spending money I may as well buy something decent and natural. 

    • If you want a Budget suit, try Gibson (you always will find some reduced ones at ) or SCOTT (by the Label). Of the latter I got two coats and a blazer that I'm absolutely fine with.

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    • Ah thank you :) I've had a butchers at the AOL website and their suits are fantastic, and JTG look extremely good. I'm going to have to start saving lol

    • Would you consider a pairing of a coat and trousers as odds? Check out a brand on ebay called Boglioli, Edward. Most sellers give measurements. Soft shouldered and in the main excellent cloths, Lardini is also worth checking out. Always be prepared that you may well need alterations if you've buying online. Its also worth noting that Italian brands in this price range that mix a polyester will be 1000% better quality (often you wouldn't even know) than companies like Relco use. If you aren't overly fussed if the coat is fused or not three buttoned you might wanna check out Reiss in the sales. Some really nice slim fitting suits with slim lapels and you'll get all the alterations you need in house, but you'll have to pay for those if you buy in the sales.

    • I second Alan's comments re Aol and JTG suits. I have suits from both and can vouch for their quality. Sizing can take a time to work out, but once done you should be pleased with them. Cheers, Mark
    • I bought a pair of Relco POW Sta Press bout a year ago to give them a try, never again. They seemed ok at first, 1st time I wore them to a Northern Soul nite, I pulled the belt loop to adjust and it came unstitched at the back! I had had a few Beers, as I got in the Taxi home the Seam split! That's my one and only experience of their quality!!! 

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