• That is my main reason for not liking them too Stevie. They obscure the view, they feel too big, and they look rubbish. I was hoping the rain would ease off to day and I would be able to get out and about on the scooter. But as per usual it has hardly stopped all day. It was fine years ago going out all the time in every weather condition, but now I am not so keen on getting drenched. I am also desperate for a nice day so I can go out on a longish road and open up the throttle to see what the Sprint can do. At the moment I guess it could do 60 mph fairly easily.
    • i,ll tell u the truth bout full facers.....see when ur goin really fast on a GT the full facer help with the g force hehe
    • I've got a full-face where the face lifts up to become an open-face, so I've got the best of both really, safety and when I need it the image
  • I think the open face helmet thing is another classic case of style taking precedence over subtance Lainy. I also have to say, that from a personal perspective, I find full face helmets a bit too claustrophobic.

    I did see the Balloch flyers up at ScootersScotland Andy, so they are on display. I have a few dozen remaining from last week, so I will take them down to McChuills next week.
    • well done chris,i know how you feel,got soaked on the scooter myself.i don't like full facers as the obscure your vision when you do your life siver glances and don't look as cool.
  • Is that me officially not a jessie anymore ? Probably not as some of you dudes seem to have driven all over Britain in all sorts of mad weather.

    I did buy a good old U.S parka Alex, that is the main reason I got home still feeling reasonably warm. It was not the nicest of scooter jaunts right enough as the wind was trying its best to drive me to the side of the road. At other times it was also driving the rain at my face, and you know how us Mod dudes do not like full facers.
    • yea thats another silly mod rule why not a full face helmet much better protection from the scottish midgy x Chris you were nvr a jessie only a summer blouse hehe
    • Was the summer blouse woreunder the parka today ? We went up to Lenzie the other day to drop off Flyers for Balloch , do the boys have them ? and are they posting them out with there scooter mail ? It is only open some of the time. Chris, as Sir Alex 's says VERY PROUD
    • I,d have thought twice before goin out on my scooter today so Chris credit where its due...well done mate ur the man x
  • I'v got a very large back garden Lainy, ideal for a pop up tent ha ha.

    And you would have been proud of me to day. I was out in the pouring rain and gusting wind. I went up to Welshy and Speno's scooter emporium to get a new speedo. I got soaked going up, and then on the way back I went down Kirkintilloch road as it is long and straight, and I wanted to open the Sprint up a bit. But the wind was pulling me all over the shop and I stopped at about 55 mph. It reminded me of old times getting home with the parka soaked right through.
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