RIP Ian "Mac" McLagan

It is with a very sad and heavy heart that I announce that I had just found out about he sad news that our beloved legendary Small Faces/Faces keyboardist Ian "Mac" McLagan had died on Wednesday (US time). :-(

Thanks for your music, your sense of style and - for autographing my box set that I bought earlier this year - Mac! Hope you're jamming up there with Plonk and Stevie!

Ian McLagan

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    • Hard to process this news; another one gone.....I'm beginning to feel like an old soldier watching as the "Old Guard" fade away. I saw Ian on several occasions in concert with. The Faces in their early days He was a bit like John Entwistle ("The Ox") a dependable presence who never sought to upstage anyone, but without whose essential contribution, the alchemy simply wouldn't have worked as well.

  • This is sad sad news - one of the good'uns - and an excellent musician - for me his work with the Faces from 1970 was outstanding.

  • Heard the sad news of the death of Ian Mac yesterday. I was lucky enough to see him live when he played King Tuts in Glasgow in 2011. After the gig he stayed behind for ages talking to people and sigining things. I got him to sign my Small Faces spare wheel cover that is so treasured by me that I dont even put it on the scooter anymore. A total legend who happened to be a great guy into the bargain. He spoke very emotionally about his great mate Ronnie 'Plonk' Lane throughout the gig. I am sure they are up there jamming away right now in heaven.
    • Yeah it most certainly is Motown. My opinion of him is only formed from what I have read and that night at the gig, but he came across as a very likeable guy who happened to have been one of the most talented organ players on the planet. I suppose he will always be an icon to us due to his association with the Small Faces so that would not have changed even if he was a pain in the arse as a person, but I like it better when you meet someone you admire a lot and they are impressive as people too.

  • RIP Mac
  • Yes, very sad news. Gone but never forgotten… Thankyou for the music ;0)

  • Very very sad news. Rip Mac.

  • Not trying to hijack my own thread, butI know I'm going to get slated for this, but I've always liked this song, featuring Mac on piano... since my grandfather - on my late father's side - had this played at his funeral.

  • Sorry to hear that
  • No! What sad news to start the day! Genuinely sorry!
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