• Memorial Service was yesterday. :-( Wondered if anyone heard about it?

    • Good post MG, made good reading. Icon.

    • Hadn't heard MG, great hairdresser :-)
  • [lights a candle]

  • It is indeed the same book. Certainly no references to any mods getting their hair cuts from him - he was more into cutting rich ladies hairs and of course the top London actors of those times... A working class mod would never have been able to afford to go to him anyway.

    In saying that,stick with it mate - it delves a fair bit into the 60's when he was at the top of his game. He was the first to introduce the five point cut, for which made him his name i guess.

    As said earlier, I enjoyed the read. :-)

    TBH, I only was repeating what my hairdresser told me - he said Sassoon was a hero of his till he was told of the alleged abuse... Maybe a load of shite of course.

  • Dont think he is a Mod lengend, definitely had influence on Mod style. If its true about abuse thats shameful and a disgrace. Just aknowledging a  Mod influence. Gettin bit fed up wiv it all on here.

    Mr Webster dont know who you are refering to as Trendies?

    • Trendies??...oh dear. THEY SHALL NOT WEAR TRAINERS!

    • CONTD....Definitely not ME!......Gettin fed up with negative comments on here. Takin a needed break from posting on MG shortly due to movin, seems quite a few people do that on here! 

    • Well going to write something but now unsure what to write?


  • Careful now lads you're talking about something other than Boots,Scoots and Punch ups! that's not very butch of you. Haha

    But in truth a real artist and leader in his field.

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