Hi all,

I will be in Rome for a one week holiday in april. Any advice about shops to visit ? I am after shoes and three button suits.


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  • When you come out the train station you'll see a big roundabout. Take the first on the left (Via Nazionale) and head down the hill. You'll come to a road on your right not to far down with a Chinese restaurant close to the corner. If I remember right theres a wicked little shoe shop about half way down, theres also a shop that sells menswear down there that was quite ok. If you stay on the main road theres a great shop thats sells stuff like Fay but its quite a way down (maybe 10-15 miutes on foot) and David Saddler on the same road is worth a look for shirting. If you find where all the posh shops are (Burberry, Malo ect) you'll find a shop that sells Ivy and British style clothing around there some where and a small shop called Sergio Nesci  that sells the best knitwear, but it ain't cheap. Going a little further out theres also a cracking shopping mall with an Alden shop in it. The shopping village outside the city is ok but not great and not that cheap. 

    • Thanks Harry. I'm also in Rome end of April so will take a look. I have a few people to see but also hope to have some free time. One of the world's best cities.
    • No worries Snowy, but the road with the Chinese on is on the left NOT right, thinking about it. The area with the "posh shops" is a way from the train station. Sure if you google Burberry store, Rome you'll get the address. That shopping Mall isn't too far from there. Yes, deffo a great city, hoping to go back there myself later this year.

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