• I worked there as a trainee mechanic 72 and i remember ross,his wife and ingrid his girlfriend.

    Tony the top mechanic that trained me,willie who done the painting

    my name stuart hansen

    • I am sure Ross Motors must hold a lot of memories for you then Stuart, you must have seen some scooters and scooter parts that would be worth a small fortune now. It looks like you escaped a while before our time which was probably a good thing ha ha

  • I did see the lovely Vespa in the photo Andy, and it is a cracker I have to say.

    Just thinking about the Scooter Centre and Ross Motors reminded me of that Lambretta floor matt that Wass used to have. Does he still have it Mik.
    • No Chris he doesn't have that anymore - as far as I know
  • Mik,Chris ,Colin and the rest of you , did you see that GS Vespa in Kurts photos, posted a comment really nice scooter
  • Big Frank is alive and well and you are correct he was in the Blue Angels , the last time I meet up with him he was fixing a door in Coias Cafe in Duke St. The big hairy f***** (and that was just his face) looked like a local in the Sari Heid. But under all the shite he is still a top bloke , we worked together for years , and had major laughs with the dr***& dr!!!, He still carries a photo about with him of some of the old sqad,I think its of Gowny , Boaby, Sharky,Gibbyand Pricey. Frank is still good friends with Wee Rod the Mod from Shettleston. I will try to get in touch, Mik if you are up Lennoxtown area , thats where he stays , you should pop in on him and get him on board.
    Alex if you remember Wee Rod , I will post a story about the nite Big Vince Nearly killed him at a JOE BOXERS gig at Nite moves in Sauchiehall Street, Big Frank actually peed his self laughing, Iwas sick through nose and mouth , had a fitt.
    • Andy, there are a couple of Mods who live round the corner from us who are pally with Big Frank, I've never seen him since moving up this way but if I'm talking to the lassie round the corner I'll ask her to let him know about the site the next time she sees him.
  • Mik, I thought big Frank ran with The Blue Angels at one piont??

    PPSSS Alex, Chris C says we cant mention bikes on here??
  • I remember getting a shot of the TV at the car park down at the bottom of big Frank's flats in the Gorbals Andy. That was one fast scooter taking off.
    • The TV once I got the head skimmed and the expansion chamber fitted was great at pulling away, once took a guy on a Honda at the lights at the scooter centre lights to lights, he said F*** Sake ! who did that old banger do that ? Class and Culture Mate .... It was also good at power wheelies when you least expected, it took off once up Drumoyne Rd up in the air both wheels at about 55mph, Witnessed by Big Vince , Chas and the Diehards on a local run.
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