• Nah, i love it... saw The Beat at exeter Uni in errr... must've been 81...they were great, supported by Altered Images who were quite frankly, shite... Apart from that I was a Rudie before I was a Mod, and it was the backtracking via Blu-Beat and Ska rather than the Mod revival that led me to don a Parka and two-tone shoes.
  • Thats the look mate :-)
  • Thats it exactly Steve,fecking hate that too trousers runkling over the shoe.

    but I'd have to say ,I love to wear trousers just a tad short, show of the socks

  • agree with you Steve on the width.

    like mine no wider than 16/ 16.5

    But must say love to wear my trousers so the break is above the shoe.

    I dont think enough Mods do this, too many have the trouser break over the shoe

    ruins the look. Just my opinion mind you. some may dissagre

  • 2 tone bands wore smart 3 button suits or stay press trousers, fred perry shirts and jackets, that image was wot started me on the road to being a mod, i have since changed musically to likeing original 60's ska and instamentals, but i have a wide range of musical tastes like 2 tone, ska, rocksteady, reggae, blue beat, motown, soul, R&B, n/soul, blues, indie, basically anything that i can get up and dance too.
  • 2 tone jam shoes, now thats a good pair to go kicking in

  • I love the Two Tone Groups and for me the Specials are one of the best. good attitude, good lyrics and good music. Rude boys, mods and "true" skinheads", we are the same family !!!!!!!
    • I never knew Rude Boys still existed.
  • I was going to say that we don't have many cowboys in Glasgow. We have loads of them but they generally are of the builders and road repair variety, but they don't tend to wear those boots. Maybe that's the reason why cowboys in the films walk so funny ha ha.

  • I would not fancy being kicked by someone wearing those loafers Andy, the soles are far more solid than the soles on a pair of docs. You are correct in that they could come flying off at any mo right enough.
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