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Morning all. Off to London in October for a weekend and no doubt will be damp. I need some outerwear, and was looking at a Harry Palmer style raincoat in Navy or Beige. I will likely be in jeans and brogues plus knitwear. So question, Mac and jeans...yes or no? Cheers, Mark

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    • Thank you Motown. Just a polite question: Why Navy rather than Beige? I started to pull a good look last night online around a Beige JTG mac, Brown dog tooth Sta prest and an AGC card was to be walloped this weekend. Mark
    • Thanks Motown, thanks Alan. Alan, re knitwear I do like Art Gallery and Gibson as well. I'll let you all know what I've bought. Cheers, Mark
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    • Cheers SR. Will be button up only Mac ( don't do belts but only my personal POV). I get the point re Troos but as I am in a whistle all week, sometimes its good to get a good pair of Levis on. To be fair a number are less like jeans and more like Sta prest anyway! Cheers again, Mark
    • Thanks SR. Off to museum with my little lad and Mrs B, and then seeing Let It Be. Not mod but do have soft spot for later fab 4 stuff. Shoes, coats, shirts, knitwear all my the detriment of my bank balance!!
    • Trousers look smartest, however I used to wear smart Levis with the mac around the time PW was sporting this look in TSC. Might be more practical in an autumn rain downpoor! 

      Anyone got any suggestions where to get a Harry Palmer style raincoat? I haven't had one for years, lookin for Navy or Black.



    • Thanks Steve. I've been looking at JTG, £150. Uniqlo have some as well at £90, which is a tempting price. Both shops have beige,blue and black
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