Second hand Rose ?

Hi guys , OK , what's your take on buying second hand clothes or shoes ? Would you may be consider it "beneath you", or do you regularly shop the," used", market for bargains and may be items you may not be willing  to spring for ,or able to afford at the RRP. I,d say 75% of my wardrobe consists of previously owned ,especially in the shoe department where I've saved pounds on my" loakes", loafers and brogues, works for me !

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  • Thanks for adding me.

    I got this John Smedley knit in a charity shop in Twickenham a couple of weeks ago. I have never seen this kind of label before and it's calling itself pure new wool rather than a more up to date lambswool definition.

    I have to say it is in excellent condition, there are no bobbles, stretches or marks. A quick hand wash got the charity shop smell out of it and a trip to my favourite dry cleaners repaired a small hole (maybe a moth) but aside from that it looks like it has never been worn.

    It is a shade too big for me but it is definitely one for winter so a t-shirt underneath will not look too odd.

    Any idea of the era?

    • I would guess 80's Nick...... and it was probably owned by someone with enough nous to take proper care of a quality garment. I bought a lot of JS stuff at about that time, and the label looks familiar and it was commonly seen on many brands, along with the familiar "Wool Mark", although much John Smedleys stuff was also labelled "Sea Island Cotton" or "Pure Cashmere" as well, accordingly.

  • On the subject, I recently acquired these very nice items from a local Vintage shop; gold and mother of pearl cufflinks as far as I can tell, but I don't know if it's a real pearl in the tie pin. I know there is a way to find out, but I can't remember..

    • I like those links Graham...
    • Even if they were fake, nobody would know. They look fantastic!

    • Thanks HS.... they probably aren't fake, but they could be Rolled Gold, which you don't see anymore.

  • My wardrobe is sourced from charity shops, department stores (even Target here in Oz - like Primark) and factory outlets, vintage shops and fairs and online. Currently clearing out some things - modern vintage-inspired, mostly - to make way for more...

  • As the easiest way to buy second Hand is the internet it is always difficult with fitting. I buy Dresses, jackets and coats second Hand and tried also shoes even though I feel like Kai a bit uneasy and as result I got some lucky purchases but often they don't fit good enough. I think shoes are the most difficult item to buy second Hand.

  • Second hand buys would usually be jackets or coats with me. Shirts and especially shoes would make me feel a Little un-easy, tbh.

    • Charity Shops have long been a source of Pre Owned Mod Clothing/Shoes, however there are less finds to be had these days and the Shops are clued up these days and lots of People check out Clothing for themselves or Sell On. My best find was a Mustard Levi black tab Cord Jacket which I got a few years ago. An X Girlfriend got me some New Old Stock Ben Sherman button down shirts from some Charity Shops over 10years ago.The Rare hard to find Mod item is worth buying as some items cant be bought new. Got some Rare Bowling Shoes I wanted to replace 1 previous hardly worn owner off Ebay, got a White Parka off Ebay aswell. Bought my 2nd Suit a great Pre Owned Grey POW Style Suit from a Suit shop many years ago.

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