• Amended it now-thanks for letting me know

    • Glory boys, as in the mods who used to (unofficially) follow Secret Affair around and be their "bodyguards"?, or the album, "Glory boys" that WAS released in Oz many years ago, Bill? lol

    • I was having  a dig at mod goddess, bill, not you. (she is not big on revival bands). I love the album and play it often. Loudly!

    • Waay ahead of ya! Thanks for the heads up anyway, Bill.

    • Didnrt know Billy Hassett was off to Oz I guess its pretty near Japan where he lives so it makes sense.Are you sure it is The Chords and not just Billat Hassett and The J Chords?

    • The Chords, original line up, Tracey. Mods Mayday Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. I cant wait!

    • When?! Where?!

    • Why? Like you even know who they are, M.G. lol.

    • Shut up! Lol! x


     I left off a dot! whoops this one works though

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