Why was Selma not up for BAFTA !! Considering it featured British actors David Oyelowo (Martin Luther King) Tom Wilkinson (LBJ) and Tim Roth (George Wallace) in starring roles it is hard to understand BAFTA claim it was released to late - Bulls**t !! Excellent film depicting those dark days in 1965. A must see.

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  • Went to see it tonight; thanks for pointing that out, JLW! As the news proved only yesterday the Topic sadly is still  relevant 50 years later.

  • Certainly a 'must see' especially for those who are not familiar with the story. It is a mystery why it was not listed - they claim it was released too late but that is BS. Even Benedict Cumberbach made a comment as to its non nomination. But who knows the machinations of these bodies? Why no mention of Bob Hoskins in the tribute to those who are no longer with us and what about films like Unbroken and Calvary - again neither mentioned in spite of the general consensus being that  they should have been and no nomination for  Timothy Spall who was brilliant in Turner ( not my cup of tea but he was excellent).  Who knows!!

  • Not seen it John but understand it is a high quality film with great performances from all involved. Will make a point of going to see. Strange why it was not nominated
  • SELMA- a "will see" for certain! Thanks for pointing it out. Far too many good films gone under the radar recently....

  • Same here, not seen it but it is one I shall try and see. Years ago I read a book on MLK and it was a fantastic story.

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