September weekend

Anyone know what's happening on September weekend? I have a long weekend break and want to go to whatever is going on.

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  • Well tell Oksana I was asking after her Stevie, and that she can drown her sorrows with a few double vodka's. She should be used to it now after the last time.
  • I did Mr C - my missus is not too happy though - and the other Mr C will know why also
  • I was obviously away for a few days and maybe missed some of the chat. Is the Saturday night do now taking place in the Polish Club instead of the Sauchiehall Street Sports Bar ?
  • Kurt's talking about 18-20 Sep - We're off to Balloch 26 sep

    Folks outside Glasgow wont be aware that 'September Weekend' is a specific thing in the dear green place.
  • On the weekend of September 18-20 theres a scooter rally on in Rhyl/Prestatyn in North Wales, it's always a good rally, if you fancy a drive to that.
    • yes, that's what I meant. Have you got Andy's number? He said hed see about a pub for me and he hasn't got back to me. Would you give him a wee bell in case he's forgot. Either that or we're stuck with the polish club
    • what, after us setting up our own mini rally? hahaha
  • I don't get time off at September weekend. I work within RBS and we only get bank holidays etc. Bit of a bummer to be honest, but I hope something is on to keep you amused.
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