Series 3 slimstyle Lambretta

Strange question alert! Anyone know the width of a slimstyle GP type Lambretta including the kick-start please? I have read 70cm but not sure. Thinking of getting SIL scooter from AFRayspeed here in UK and need to sort storage as I don't have a brick garage. Thanks

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  • I'm pretty sure if you got a SIL from Rayspeed you will be looked after as you are getting it from a dealer with a good reputation who knows what they are doing. Most scooter places only opened up in the 90s cashing in.,they might be enthusiasts but you need reliability when buying something new.
    • Thanks Carl. I know AFRayspeed from my old scooterists days in the 80's. Hankered over Rayspeed Special for years. I actually have pulled the pin on a 1963Vespa GL150, currently going through full restoration...
  • my advice would be don`t  get an SIL they are always a risky 2nd best to a proper innocent Lambretta and they weren't the most reliable vehicles! If you are in love with the shape of a GP, and who isn't?, the look at  Scomadi it has got bar end weights but no kickstart  and will be reliable

    • Thanks Ken. The Rayspeed bikes get good reviews, and I did have 1 or 2 SILs in the 80's along with Italian ones too; reasonable is the best way to describe them. I am loathe to pay £4k plus for an LI, they were 10 a penny in the 80's (;-)). I am now looking at one or two Italian Vespas, and may pull the pin on one later today.....
    • You`re welcome to the chat Mark. I have been on planet earth long enough and gained enough knowledge about scoots to have at least a good historical perspective on whats good and what isn't.

      Nearly all modern scooters are good thanks to computerised production methods and technology,some cheap Chinese stuff is shite but then some expensive old Italian stuff is shite so you pays yer money etc.

      One thing I cant stand is scooter snobbery "if it aint a TV200 bored out to 235 with no air filter and a fat mamba pipe its crap" sort of attitude really hacks me off!!! If its got small wheels and a step thru its a scoot mate get over it.

      Salutations from Devon to Essex my Mrs is from Brentwood... yes really; she`s towie without the plastic!!

    • I have a vespa px 150 and have to say they are superior to Lambretta in every way except looks (brickbat and abuse alert!!!). I am not biased I was raised on Lambretta and love them fiercely, its just that vespa`s kinda work almost all the time and like you say Mark, £4-10k for a Lambretta of sometimes dubious origin is frankly nuts. Good luck with whichever side you come down on, I am going Scomadi 200 this year A. because I like em and B. just to piss off some of the more illogical dinosaurs!

    • Sounds like we are like minded mate. I love Lambrettas, but also had 2 P200e back in the day to undertake long-term rallies. The Vespa I am looking at will be a real departure for me...! I have to say though the muted water cooled Scomadi (300cc ?) sounds pretty cool if they ever get it sorted...I do like the idea of a classic looking scoot with modern super quick engine...
    • The Scomadi is gonna be a 200 Mark, Piaggio pulled the plug on the 300 engine so it will be the 180cc aprillia scarabeo engine which is a top lump shoving out 20 brake in a bike 65% the weight of an overpriced overweight and overated vespa gts. Here endeth the Scomadi commercial. Oh and yes its a plastic body which I think you`ll find doesn't rust.

    • Sounds top mate! Let us know what you think when you get it. I agree they look and go better than GTS...
    • Its gonna be a few months yet but when its mine I`ll give you an appraisal, now which colour........?

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