• I have started taking the turn ups a little higher as they do in Europe. Latest are 1967xx so rigid I don't know how my tailor will manage to push the needle through!
  • Being a short-arse, I buy my dark-blue 501s length 30 and I double turn them up between 1/2 and 3/4 inch, iron them stiff and then I sew (tack length) from the inside onto the inside of the first turn, (no thread on show). One of these days I'll have to cut them shorter and fold back to 28 inch length. I remember when my waist was 28 inch!!

    A more important question is when will I be too old to wear Levis 501s without looking like a sad old git? What do you think?

    • David, i,m 61 and i still wear 'em and probably always will!

    • How tall are you? I wear length 30 turned up a 1/2" twice and I'm 6'0 tall. Even then they seem a bit long.

      This is directed at the short blond mod...
    • I'm 5' 5 Clem. I shorten my 501s to 28 inch. Next time I might have to cut, turn and sew to 27 inch length. I'm starting to shrink with old age!

      I am the ShortBlondMod! Here I am with Mac last year. We are about the same height, but Mac is on the stage at the Half Moon at the end of the gig, (I'm not on the stage!).

    • Am I the short blonde mod haha? Yeah I'm 5' 11 and my levis are shrink-to-fit ones and the leg size before they're shrunk 34'' and they shrunk probably just over 3 inches and I'm going to get them taken up by another inch by me dad (he brought them for me a bit to big on the leg) and then if I can fit a small turn-up on to the trousers without them being to small on the leg then I'll do that and sew it in :)

    • I should note that I wear my 511s more than my 501s.
    • Along the same lines, when is too old to where white 501s?
    • My partner Michael (at 52 next July) still wears his and looks rather handsme in them! ;-) I have a couple of mates who wear theirs in their 40's and look rather good too! I guess it all depends on what you wear with your 501s - regardless of colour of the denim! ;-)

    • yeh I always have my levis turned up half an inch and sewn in...

      I never turn up my white ones but do take them up to just above the the shoe

      I hate big turnups , except at weddings and funerals :-)

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