Shaving with a straight cut or safety razor.

The old shaving thread seems to have dissapeared when the forum moved so I'm starting a new one.

Just recently took the step to start using a good straight cut razor. Felt like the right thing to do - "if it's not worth doing properly, it's probably not worth doing at all" as someone once said.
Also like the fact that the process of shaving becomes a bit of a ritual: stirring up a good lather, stropping the razor etc.
Sure, the learning curve is a bit steep but when you get it right the shave you get with a straight cut razor beats any I've ever had before.

Since it does take some time I do not use the straight cut everyday though. Workdays I generally go fot the safety razor instead.
All of my old tube shaving foams/gels and Gillette razors has gone straight to the bin though. ;)

Anyone else here on MG who prefers a traditionel wet shave? If so, what are your favourite products, techniques etc?
Personally I've so far only dared to go with the grain with the straight cut (with a safety razor I usually do at least two passes though - one with the grain, one against).
Since I haven't been doing this for too long I only have one shaving soap (Mühle Sandalwood) and not many other products but I fear that this is yet another thing to start throwing money on. There are so many nice looking things to get - more soaps to switch between, different after shaves (just ordered a classic Bay Rum and a Sandalwood to go with the shaving soap to replace the pretty nice but to modern Nivea I had lying around), pre shave oil etc

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    • A thousand mazel tovs, Motown..... never consider yourself too old to take on a new direction, that's my motto (I can say that, having become a first-time dad at 52) Funny enough, I was in Washington DC for the past few days and there is a barbers' shop in Union Station called The Art of Shaving where you can still get a shave (as you can here locally) with a straight razor. However, they had none on sale (because I looked). Not a cheap item, I know, and quite useless without accessories......but I must admit the idea crossed my mind.

    • Interesting on what I can only assume is a late change in career mo. Why a barber
    • Trimming hedges trimming heads all the same providing you don't get your clippers mixed up mo
    • We will be calling you Sweeney Todd the demon barber of the Mod Generation next Mo ha ha
    • That's a nice wee memory then mate.
    • Sounds like a great guy Motown, and you have obviously never forgotten that.
    • It is always good to have had such figures forming such a positive impact on your life Mo.

    • Lovely! Really like GF Trumpers Skinfood too. Especially the sandalwood one.
    • Ok. Thanks for the heads-up! I just happened to have one in mind for my next order but will skip that then.
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    • Used to have a fine collection myself motown until my son decided it was cheaper to shop at house of dad instead of house of Fraser. And he doesn't believe in less is more thinks he's Henry Cooper and splashes it all over
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