• JtG will be a bit slimmer than AoL although, I believe, made by same manufacturer. JtG will have barrel cuffs, AoL double cuffs. JtG you will likely go up a size, AoL you could go down a size for a slimmer fit but the. You have issue with neck size.

    I own the JtG spear point shirt and do like it.
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    • I'm with Alan. I purchased a white tab collar from AoL and it was a right bugger to iron. And it seemed to wear pretty quick as well. It was a pretty bad cloth TBF, but the collar was great. I wouldn't buy another from there. Mark Powell does a great SP shirt, think they're £120 though.

    • I tried a shirt maker in manchester a couple of years ago, David something it was called YM. Very so so. Fit was good but the BD collar was really stiff and the only hand work was on the button holes which were a bit poor. Good cotton.

    • That sounds like a really class option, YM. I would love to know if such a service were available here in the Land That Style Forgot (Chicago, perhaps?) Meanwhile, above (!? frikkin' computer's jumping around) is a nice dress shirt I got recently from Lambretta. It's a slimfit, with a plain collar, fly front and double cuffs, in a nice crisp cotton which washed up nicely (haven't ironed it yet). Can't recall what I paid for it.

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