Hi guys, well, shoe trees !!?!?, do you use them say just for your more expensive treads, or for all your shoes?

What material do you prefer ,wooden , plastic or rubber , or do you not use them at all .Starting to build up my shoe

Collection and I would prefer to start off on the right foot (mmh !?) as to caring for them over the long haul. Nourishing the leather with Renovator and occasional clean over with leather soap etc

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  • 3298090354?profile=originalSpot on SR.If you are investing in shoes such as Barkers, Cheaney and Loake 1880s? Then a good quality wooden shoe tree is a must. If you are going really top end with Lobb, Edward Green or Vass, they will come with them supplied. 

  • Always use a unvarnished shoe three if you are looking to extend the life of your shoes not just keep the shape. They take the moister out of the leather after a long day or hard night of dancing. There are a few different woods that are used and go with your own favorite. Also i would say go for the full size tree as it holds the shape of the shoe much better. You can get them for about £20-£30 They are a good investment when we are talking about quality leather shoes.3297963334?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

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