Hello! :) Our short film Midnight Of My Life about Steve Marriott, starring Martin Freeman and directed by Phil Davis, is now available to dowload in the UK: http://midnightofmylife.vhx.tv/ Here’s a recent Q&A about the film with Martin and Phil - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGqQwFLSOtI&feature=youtu.be Please spread the word about Midnight amongst family&friends! Thank you for you support!

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  • 3298036333?profile=originalThese are some good FREE links http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgQSlopG-U8 Phil Davis talkin bout the film, then a very short trailer for the film- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-EUiH_sHLY You have to pay $6 to watch the trailer on the film website.

    This is a description on the film site-It's July 1985 and while Rock and Roll's great and good are strutting their stuff at Wembley, Steve Marriott is propping up the bar of a dingy pub in Putney waiting to play to a small crowd of boozers. While he waits for the rest of his band, bitter and drunk, an encounter with a young revival Mod restores Steve's faith.

    Similar to my meeting with Steve Marriott in 1986, I was 16 and four of us Southend Mods went on our scooters to see Steve Marriott's Packet of Three at the Maritime Rooms in the Cliffs Pavillion. Steve had a beer and chatted with us at a table after the gig.

    He played a good set with some Small Faces tunes in the gig. This CD Afterglow recorded at the Sir George Robey, Fisbury.Pk. In October 1985 is a great CD of a live gig part of my collection.

    Set List=What'cha Gonna Do About it, Fool for a Pretty Face,Shame shame shame,All or Nothing,All Shook Up, Talkin Bout You, Five Long Years, Afterglow, I Don't Need No Doctor, Big Train Stop at Memphis, Tin Soldier


    • Thanks Nina will have to get my dollars out to watch the film then, Kai you are right there, Steve still was a great performer-showman in 1985/6. 

    • That's basically the set I saw him perform with Packet Of Three in Bochum in 1985, Steve! A mate of mine, about two metres tall and thus being eye to eye with Stevie on the stage, hahaha, made the mistake to ask for Sha la la la lee. Easy to guess which of his fingers Stevie stuck right in his face in response, hahaha!

      He was a little paunchy fellow in dungarees, but if you closed your eyes he definitely was still there. That's why I may look out for that CD, Steve!

    • 3298045736?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Although I was slightly wrong there, Steve; just dug out the old ticket; it was in 1984 already that I saw him.

    • Nice one Kai. I did get a beer mat signed after the gig, however over time moving properties quite a few times since 86 I lost it I think! It may be somewhere in my Mod collectables???

      I don't think there was the big Mod hero thing going on then, that Steve Marriott attracts today!

      I'm a technophobe, I do vinyl,cds and dvds....never done a download!

      The short Steve Marriott film is likely to be my first! 

    • Yes, get your dollars out, Steve! :) I think it's only £4 in British money. And wow, that ticket is amazing... 1984... I was only 3 years old then... If only I could have seen Steve live then :)
    • Haha, cheers Nina; yes I certainly was lucky to see Steve perform; I was a very young Mod of 15 back then! :-)
    • Ah bless, lucky you :) now the 10 years or so between us don't matter- but back then it meant you were able to see the great man live and I wasn't . Also, it must have helped to live in England at the time... I was still stuck in kindergarden in Germany :D
    • Well this gig took place in Bochum, Nina; as I've lived all my life in Essen, it might well be my dad drove me and my mates there! :-) I remember we met some Dortmund Mods there...
    • That's amazing, Kai! Lucky you! :) was the mod scene a little bigger in Germany back then as it is now?
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