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    Delicious junction from Mazeys Mod Clothing

    Mod Clothing UK | 1960s Vintage Men’s Retro Clothing Fashion Store
    Mazeys Mod Clothing is the home of retro and vintage mod clothing and mod footwear, from classic shirts to steel toe cap boots look no further for th…
  • 3408121011?profile=RESIZE_930xMrs A's umpteenth pair from Andrew Lindsays fabulous Mod Shoes, the most beautiful ones so far in my oppinion!

    • I like those Kai, very stylish 

    • Yes, SR, of all the ones she's got, I like these best!

    • Very nice; touch of Art Deco about those, another favourite style period of mine. 

    • We obviously got quite a lot in common, Steve! Well, we're Mods, aren't we... :-)

  • Took these bad boys on their first outing to the start of the new season on Saturday. Turns out the new ‘lucky’ socks just ain’t up to the job but nothing says style and comfort like a pair of box fresh Clarke’s desert boots. 


    • Pure class Sir. 

    • Cheers Steve. I believe the Grafton are The Best work a day brouges around.  They take wax polish very well...

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