Show us your shoes

Let's see them then,

there are so many of you like me, that have a fetish for footwear it's about time we came out of the closet and posted some pictures and perhaps a few words about them.

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    • Delivery to work... the one river I have yet to cross, hahaha! On second thought... my boss is female and on quite good terms with my wife, so, nah... forget it, Kai! ;-)

    • Hahaha, yes, steer clear of that one mate!
  • Its Party Season. I have these Tim Little "Wholecuts"at the ready. Black for evenings in town and Tan for days in the country. I know some don't really go for these but i think the use of one cut of leather means the skill and selection has to be top notch. As there can be no blemishes or mistakes. The result is a minimalist but supremely stylish shoe.

    • I couln't agree more SR.... absolutely superb craftsmanship, and happily not yet a thing of the past (and at a price, of course!)

    • Thanks gents. The quality from Tim Little, the owner of Grenson, is outstanding. But yes the cost is a reflection of this. Something a bit different to the norm!
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    • Nice. Will you be wearing them this weekend Gary?
    • Nice Gary, very nice
    • Gary, smart shoes those.

  • Having just seen Mr Gardners Baracuta loafers on another thread; here are mine; I wear them about once each Summer! :-)

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