Show us your shoes

Let's see them then,

there are so many of you like me, that have a fetish for footwear it's about time we came out of the closet and posted some pictures and perhaps a few words about them.

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    • They look quality mate and i am sure Levi gave you a good deal. I always thought his sister Una looked great in that Alf Garnett comedy in the 60s and early 70s.
    • A very sharp pair of loafers Kai. I especially like the beef roll on them.

    • Used to rely on Loake for loafers until now, Gary, but these fit perfectly as well! 

    • The Loake and Bass are both respectable footwear Kai with the Weejuns, imo, being that more comfortable for dancing in. As said a sharp looking pair of loafers with great lines and details ;0)  

    • Looking forward to taking them out on the floor, Gary! ;-)

    • I personally would give them a couple of coats of black polish to antique them up a bit. But Remember Kai once you go black you don't go back ;0)

    • Very smart Kai !

    • Aren't they!
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    • Shoe trees and a good brush down. Maybe new laces, just like new!
    • Good man. Just takes a little effort to put things right. Lol
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