Show us your shoes

Let's see them then,

there are so many of you like me, that have a fetish for footwear it's about time we came out of the closet and posted some pictures and perhaps a few words about them.

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    • Sorry, that's when I get into trouble myself... ;-)
  • what do you think of red foot shoes .I just bought a pair of brogues and I found them a really good fit .They are made in India but at £20 a pair off groupon they are a good buy. I'll put a photo on of them when I get back later in the morning. see what you think
  • Suede brogues by Loake and Dustys by Mod Shoes on the train to Düsseldorf.

    • What one's are you wearing Kai ha ha
    • Size 4 of course, Chris! :-D
    • Pretty neat mate. You could have done better with a small turn up on your denims right enough ha ha
    • And white socks of course, Chris, Haha!
    • Totally agree with you there Kai. It has been sad to witness the demise of white socks. You could buy three pairs for £1 back in the very early 80s and you could get as much as one wear out of each pair. They knew how to make things to last then right enough.
    • We have a thread on here when you mentioned that, already... ;-)
    • I have never saw Kai's wifes new shoes before.
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