Show us your shoes

Let's see them then,

there are so many of you like me, that have a fetish for footwear it's about time we came out of the closet and posted some pictures and perhaps a few words about them.

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  • These always get a second look. But if you don't want to be like everybody else?

    • Loving those two tones SR !! Only prob is some folks think you're a bit of a flash so  & so   wearing em  !  Can't think why ?

    • Yep that's the idea Andy lol 

  • Wearing these today, for the last days of summer?

    • A cool and unique looking pair of pebble grained Weejuns. Well played Snow Runner ;0)

    • Smart & understated. Nice !

    • Just lovely! Unfortunately I can't find them anywhere...

    • Sell them in a shop near me Kai and only £15 a pair, yes you heard right £15. Plus lots of otherBass shoes, brogues loafers etc... From £15 to about £40. Sadly not many sizes and I would have had a pair myself, but can only wear very slim fitting loafers :-(

    • You want to get along and buy them up and sell on line sir

    • Don,t know how many pairs they have left SR, but the ones they had were suited to guys with quite large feet or quute small feet, maybe one or two size 8 and 9,s, this was several weeks back, I might nip down tomorrow and have another look

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