• Pure class Sir. 

    • Cheers Steve. I believe the Grafton are The Best work a day brouges around.  They take wax polish very well...

  • That pesky Clarke’s outlet strikes again; one pair left in my size, they must be mine then!! ;o)


    • Nice Steve, I have the same pair.

    • Perfect Summer shoes as well!

  • 3192349398?profile=RESIZE_930xThe summertime Greens!

    • Good job a love them . Not really bothered what others think. We've been down this road before.  If you haven't anything nice then.....

    • Sorry for commenting on your old post SR. Love those green brogues mate, I'm searching for them as I write.... Never heard green being unlucky, but saying that I support Hibs and they push their luck every week.




      Cheers Mike. I wear these on more casual days. Well as casual as mods get. I'm a Plymouth Argyle fan. So I'm definitely with you on the agonies of football. 



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