• NOBODY wants your advice. 

    • Same here SR, I'm that unlucky, if I fell in a barrell of tits, I would come out sucking my thumb.....Lol.

    • Yeah, they're nice shoes but the thing is they're an unlucky colour - that's not to do with what others think, a matter of opinion. It's a matter of knowledge. You live up north, though, don't you? Newcastle way?

    • Leprechauns may disagree with you Ernie...Ha-ha.

    • Hahaha - you mean it's culture specific ? Nice one.

    • Btw they now have red laces in too!!!

    • You do know green is the unlucky colour ?

    • Colour of envy too - that’ll be me then! ;o)

    • Hmm; they're nice shoes, but they're green. Everybody knows that green is an unlucky colour. I wouldn't say don't wear them if you have to, but you would need to pay attention. I knew a bloke bought himself a very nice bottle green mohair two-piece; very smart, good tailoring. Five minutes after getting out of a cab on Shaftesbury Avenue on a Saturday night, he gets busted. Up at Beak St Magistrates on Monday morning, charged with tempting fate. Believe me, stone cold unlucky colour.

    • Yeah, I had a very nice bottle green mohair suit Ernie and I got married in green too - you may have a point ;o)

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