Show us your shoes

Let's see them then,

there are so many of you like me, that have a fetish for footwear it's about time we came out of the closet and posted some pictures and perhaps a few words about them.

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    • They look a lot better than the Delicious Junction ones,they looked too much like bumper cars.

    • And they ARE a lot better, Carl; had the DJ ones for a short while and they were crap tbh.

    • I might try a pair myself Kai.

    • Really like them Kai :-)

    • Thanks Harry; a pair of Clarks, a pair of Loake Saharas and these... that's enough boots to get me through 2020... :-)

    • What's the width fitting like on those Kai? I had to sell my Sanders playboys because they was a bit to narrow.

    • Don't find any hint re the with, Harry, but would compare them to my Loake desert boots .

  • 3657039489?profile=RESIZE_930xLoake, Blenheim. Rubber soled with waxy leather for winter.

    • Very smart SR

    • Beautiful. Love these.

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