• Claudio hinted that they were a nod to Plonk's taste. 

    • Somehow all his shoes are...

  • 4216117137?profile=RESIZE_930xNew Summer shoes from DNA Groove; hope opportunities to wear them out arise soon again!

    • Those are a joy to behold Kai. Roll on the day you can skip the light fandango in them. 

    • Yes please! :-)

  • Not a New Year resolution but it's my intention to get on and actually wear some of the shoes accumulated over the past couple of years. I've got out the thick socks and a couple of cans of Schu stretcher spray and have started to break them in around the house. These were from last year's G H Bass NY sale (along with two others)  and they're getting an airing tonight at the Tesky Brothers gig. 

    • Very nice, I love shoes me!

    • HaHaHa.  I wore them at a gig the other night. Guy came in, obvious mod leanings, surveyed the crowd from the bar then came over to where I was stood;

      Him - Nice lofters mate.

      Me - Yeah, I saw you clocking them from the bar.

      Him - it's what we do, innit? 

      So mod!! ;o)

    • Lovely penny loafers Steve, I am sure I have an identical pair of socks too.

    • We do like a touch of Argyle Alan. ;o)

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