• 4363033682?profile=RESIZE_930xNew shoes by Andrew Lindsays Mod Shoes... sold out already.

    • Nice! When I got the email notification of this post I thought it was a comment on my DNAs. HaHaHa!  You wouldn't have been far wrong either SR, they've only been outside the house a couple of times and I check the weather forecast several times before leaving. Now may be a good time to wear them though, low chance of others stepping on my feet. 

    • True . These never go outside, still need a little stretching at the moment. But I'll get  there. 

      Keep safe in these difficult times. 

  • My DNAs


    • Steve, Lovely shoes. I'd probably feel more comfortable in the loafers you showed us previously, but these are outstanding. If plonk would wear similar then thats a massive plus in my book.


    • Beautiful; got these in plain black leather.

    • Just confirmed, I have the same ones as you (black). Unfortunately, I can barely wear them. Although having sized up half a size, these a so narrow, wearing it hurts after 30 mins latest. A pity. 


    • Claudio hinted that they were a nod to Plonk's taste. 

    • Somehow all his shoes are...

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