This ones for the lads....and probably some of the ladies too ;) LOL!

Anyway, don't think I need to go into detail here but what are your opinions on sideburns? I always thought John pulled it off pretty well.

And here's a snap of The Kinks with Ray and Dave sporting some. 

p.s. Those jackets are pretty snazzy aren't they!?

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  • Yeah sidies rule, l couldnt live without them .let have sideboards rather than burns 

  • I´´m definately all for sideburns and have been sporting them in various lengths since...well, since I became able to grow them basically. Sometimes they´re shorter - sometimes longer. However, I am "follicaly chalenged" as someoner on here so nicely put it, and therefore my only choice of hairdo is cropped (more or less). If I let my hair grow too long I start looking like crusty the clown...therefore I have to be a tad careful not too let my sideburns get to out of hand since I tend to look like a skinhead then - especially if I am at work and hence more casually dressed.

  • I like them a lot, but since I've got the beard growth of an old lady I'm always close-shaven. The only beards I can grow are moustache or goatee - not very Mod.

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    • Didn't spot that Bobby! Nice one..

    • Nice paint job on your PX by the way.

    • Cheers Bobby! Bought it as it is, haven't done anything to it except put some mirrors on it. Gonna splash out soon and get a couple more and some extra lights!

    • I've always had side's just the hair I'm lacking......




  • a nice set of neat sideys always works to seperate one from the mainstream :) especially at the younger age

    • I'd agree with you there Chris! Nothing beats a set of well groomed mutton chops! Have them myself at the moment. I sometimes go through phases of them though, some months clean shaven, others with sideys. I think it also depends on how the hair is worn too!

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