Sixties Mod venues

Do any of the originals on here remember The Thing night club in Oldham (nicknamed The Fun House) ? Any tales ?

And what venues up and down the UK do others remember and have tales to tell ?

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  • Any other old(er) London West End Mods on here ? We might be the only ones left. We might even know each other. Might even be an outside chance we'll like each other; probably best not to take short odds on that, though, knówing  what we know about  those days.

    • Blimey Frames I thought we were both dead.

    • Just had a lot of stuff to do, John. You know how it is. You well ?

    • Frames in case you wondered,  I had a problem with my computer and the post timed at 4.28pm appeared to still be on my computer screen at 6.16pm when I returned to it so I deleted it. I'm no IT wizard so I have no idea what's going on,



    • Well I haven't posted for some time myself Frames. I stopped receiving notification of posts from M.G for some reason and just let it slip. I happened to look in last week and was delighted to see you were back on the firm. I am well thanks mate and hope you are.

      You young Mods were always a bit chippy. When I started posting on here some Original Mods said we never existed! I was so hurt but managed to get over it after counselling.. When I frequented the Marquee and The Flamingo they were jazz venues. Mind you 39 Gerrard Street was the place.

      About two years ago, give or take eighteen months we were discussing the Beat generation and you mentioned Kerouac's On The Road so I thought I would read it. I will review it now you are back. It made quite an impression on me. Was reading some Ellroy the other day, what a writer. I hope you will be reviewing books again mate, I missed that.

      Glad to see you retained The Divine One in your tunes. Same song as well. Best singer I ever saw live by a mile.


    • Talkinbg of Scott's, I went to see the Maria Schnieder gig - she'd got a British band together, usual suspects, must've been nearly 20 crammed on that stage. It was terrific, very good night. Dave O'Higgins was lead tenor and played the best I've heard him in along while. Then week before last managed to get back to see Charles Lloyd with a very good band; that was sublime. So as long as I can keep moving I can get to good music and dodgy night clubs.

      Yeah, James Ellroy - he's a tough read but carries you along. I think he's trying to write a history of America via the undewrworld.

      Well, Sarah : she just takes me away.

    • I'm not a 60s original but just wanted to say I like your 5 tunes on profile.  Good luck in finding non argumentative originals. Lol

    • Thanks, it has to be good jazz - and thanks for the good luck wishes in finding some old West Ender who's not all snarly and snarky. I do believe it came with the territory in those days.

  • I lived in Oldham and was a regular at the THING.  I took part in the MISS THING competition in 1966..see photo. The prize was to go to the premier of the film Kaleidoscope.2962911662?profile=RESIZE_930x

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