• I love a lot of the Two Tone stuff. And even some of the Trojan stuff. Specials, Bodysnatchers, Madness, Laurel Aitken, Simaryp, Selecter, Toots and the maytals, I could go on forever. lol.

  • ... and while I'm here... a cheeky little plug for my rather modest little radio show which hit No.13 in the Mixcloud Ska chart recently... (It does contain a whole heap of groovyness and not just ska tho') :)

    The Radio Gumbo Show

  • Came across this recently Supertonic Sound Club Featuring Dave Baker (of 'Double Barrel' fame) which skanks along quite nicely :)


  • Good little section on Ska/2Tone,Skinhead Fashion on BBC programme Oh You Pretty Things-British Music and Fashion. First 10mins is Mod/Small Faces. Link below.

  • Went to see the Melbourne Ska Orchestra last week 31/7/14. Brilliant Google them and enjoy.

  • love LAUREL ATIKEN, excellent artist ,one off the best ,God Rest His Soul. SKA is great to listen on a hot summers day , pity we dont have many.

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    • Think I would body swerve it Kai even if only one neo-ska band there
    • The Upsessions are really worth catching if you're going to that fetsival, they play the original skinhead reggae style very well.  But err, how can a ska band give you a 'pain in the arse' ?!!

    • I know what you mean Kai. There are some very good bands playing ska these days but as with any scene, there are a lot of very average/not very good bands too.  A lot of the stuff in the US that some people call ska has no ska beat at all however there are always good new bands cropping up.  Here's one I came across one last week, a live appearance featuring original ska artist, Charlie Organaire, I never knew he was still performing!  This is one of my favourite ska tracks too, original recording underneath...

    • And in the same vein, here's another 'new' band mixing it up with an original 60s Jamaican artist. Supertonic Sound Club from Ireland featuring Dave Barker from Dave & Ansel Collins, the voice of 'Double Barrel'.  This recording is taken from a session at the BBC although a single of the studio version is due out this summer...

      Supertonic Sound Club feat. Dave Barker - Scheherazade

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