• FS - Tin Soldier/What'cha Gonna Do About It

    FA - All of them, I'm a Small Faces Ogden Nut! well flakey

    FM - Can't have one without the others

    FDVD - Small Faces, All Or Nothing 1965 - 1968

    My Mod entry band Small Faces Forever. Music, Style and Attitude... 

  • Its surprising how many good instrumentals they came up with. Everyone knows Happy boys happy, Ogdens, Wide eyed girl on the wall etc but they were many more. I wish I-Tunes, had Collibosher, so i could buy and download !

    • I could email it to you if you want, don't know if it will work but worth a shot?!

    • Mike,That'd be great its I'm gonna be away the next couple of days but i'd let you know when i get back and your help is very much appreciated ! 

    • Mike, If thats in response to my previous mail that would be much appreciated and worth a try !

  • 1st Lp
    Tin Soldier
    Ronnie Lane
  • Hmmm, there are so many great tracks, it's hard to pick a favourite. At the moment, I really like 'I Can't Make It'. There's a good piano sound throughout. 

    All of them bought something to the party - the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Favourite album? I'm going to cheat too and plump for a compilation; British Legends. 

  • Always love the instrumentals actually.. Grow Your Own & Happy Boys Happy in particular..

    Album has to be ONGF..

  • Grow your own and Baby dont you do it are soo good.
    Im only dreaming has some fantastic lyrics though!
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