So You Think You Can Dance: Northern Soul

During auditions for the BBC dance show the judges find themselves divided over the dancing skills of Mac Clarke and his own brand of Northern Soul.

Nigel Lythgoe is unconvinced with his moves, though it didn’t help that he had no idea what Northern Soul even was, but luckily Mac finds an ally in Sisco Gomez who ‘thoroughly enjoyed it.’

Arlene Phillips just wants to know where the Wigan Casino has gone.

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  • Excellent. They're playing the Sage up here soon - if your Granny manifests herself we'll say hello and buy her a couple of Babychams at the wonderful Free Trade Inn (conveniently situated just a short astral projection down the Tyne)...


  • Jeezo he's crap ma granny could do better Northern Soul dancing n she's dead!
    • aye Mo not too great for an auditon ok for a wee shuffle on a dancefloor thats about it.


  • This adds to my life message: dance like no ones watching - its what i do everytime.
  • I know Northern Soul isnt your thing, but surely you must see the paralells between the garage scene and the Northern Soul scene?
  • Shame, he was good. But if he did some of the really fantastic moves that ive seen he would of got through no problem!
  • Basics. He should have grabbed his crotch a few times and worn a backwards facing baseball cap with repugnant trainers that look like an explosion in a liquorice allsorts factory shop and he would have been better received...
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