Read the following quote from Mojo, by cook, Marco Pierre White, and I think all Mods will agree the man's a t****r. I expect his food must be as greasy as he is.

"Every young boy has to make one important decision in life: whether he's going to be a rocker or Mod. In the 60's I remember seeing the rockers chasing the Mods and I loved the pride the rockers took in their bikes, their leathers, the sound of their machines. They were hard. Us rockers are still standing, aren't we? Mods just don't have that longevity. Why? Because rockers have integrity."

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  • As he's such a t*****r bet his pancakes are something else.

  • Well first of all he's a liar. Born in Leeds in 1961 he could never have seen any Mods nor rockers. Although possibly a wizz chef he seems to be a despicable person (ask his 3 ex-wives) so this statement should be treated as the bollocks it is.


    We really don't need to be concerned ever about anybody's opinion - specially noty of a tosser!

    • No body has mentioned Gizzy. She wears some amazing sixties mod dresses.

    • Not sure who she is (maybe her from the one show) but she looks pretty cool in that gear.

    • She's Gizzi Erskine (ex Body Piercer) and TV Chef
    •  She's recently done a bit of cooking on the "This Morning Show". She even gave away an awesome mod dress in a competition on the show that she said no longer fitted her. She's defiantly my favourite Tv chef

  • Guys, if that's what he thinks let him. Who gives a ****.
  • his mother wouldn't let him have a bike.....[spit in his soup when i see him...]

  • j***e o****r has his scooter

    • look at the way he looks and dresses - need i say more

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