Something every mod should have

Hello hello, just turned 18, getting into the mod scene and trying to get a versatile wardrobe what would yous recommend is a must for every mod

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  • Thank you so much everybody in this group. I will try e-bay to order it.

  • Hello! The Mod Generation.

    How are you? I am looking for Mod patches, I want to know where to buy Mod patches?

    • Royale Enamel Jayson. They are cloth, and resemble scooter rally patches - much nicer than all those tacky embroidered roundels etc.

  • ability to recoup and replenish your bank balance after yet another clothing or shoe purchase.

    I've managed to hover above my overdraft for years thanks to ebay ha ha ha!

    No, really, I have a strict one in one out policy that's worked for me over the the years.

    • I agree, 1000%, but not just on ebay, but on etsy also!

      I also agree on the one in, one out policy. I'm clearing out a lot of stuff I bought from charity shops (keeping a lot of the finds I have from them too, however) and replacing it all with altered-to-fit-me vintage clothing instead! ;-)

    • I think we're all like that secretly, Harry!

    • Good advice BC.... I have, like every good mod, overspent on clothes and entertainment many times in the past, and occasionally still do; but I don't recommend gets a little easier as one gets a little older, I find.

  • 3298047064?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024A good pair of Brogues Robbie and a sense of humor !   

  • Welcome to site Robbie. Something every mod should have interesting post. For me it's not particular items but a passion for clothes and music and a individual attitude of not wanting to be just one of the crowd. wearing something because you think it's shit hot not because others think it's stylish. By all means take tips from the stylish members of MG but remember if when you wear it you don't feel the dogs bollocks then it's not for you. Same with music listen to some of the tracks on here and make your own mind up on what rocks your boat.
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