A chance to pair up and collaborate with like minded members to produce our very own personal (double album) collection of Mod sounds from the streets.

Inspired by the Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller Presents album. Keep it mod, keep it real (preferably tunes you own) but most of all keep it cool...

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    • Thanks Kai!

       I knew we'd have your support...

      Just don't think I've left you for him, OK? You're still my Boating Blazer King... ;-)

    • ...and as that I hope we'll unite at this very spot in two years' time; the King and Queen of stripes! :-)

  • I haven't been on for a while so I've just seen this. Looking forward to listening to gary and Kai's choices :-) Both gents of impeccable taste. May I make a suggestion? I'm gonna anyway ;-) If you've got a youtube channel Gary or Kai you could make a playlist so all the songs play one after each other instead of having to click on each song individually?

    • Oh Thanks Paddy you got me blushing here... :-)

    • Nice one Paddy. I didn't know, that makes it so much easier. I hope you and yours are all well, thanks for the info and compliments mate. 

  • Hi Gary

    I'm confused do you want original tunes from the members themselves or just songs they like, cause it seems like that's what they're posting (just songs they like......?)

    • Hi Sara J, the emphasis is on the 'communication and collaboration' with a fellow mod generation member. Where two or more get together to create a virtual reality double album of tracks. You can go as deep and creative as you like, individual track synopsis and/or even liner notes. It has to be a two person post to qualify, which is more important than source. 

  • Piller and Freeman eat your heart out, hahaha! Seriouly; already got some great inspiration out of your superb set, Gary!

    • Thanks Kai, a good collaboration mate.

      I would love to see a collaboration between Ian Bryden and Paddy McGonigle! And any Blues or Jazz with Snow Runner... Or how about a R&B/Soul collaboration with Harry 'Motown' Palmer? 

    • I'd love to see a collab between Paddy and Ian!! I just hope it won't be a Scotland vs England battle royale... I submitted a list to Harry for us to collaborate. Just waiting for a reply. ;-)

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