A chance to pair up and collaborate with like minded members to produce our very own personal (double album) collection of Mod sounds from the streets.

Inspired by the Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller Presents album. Keep it mod, keep it real (preferably tunes you own) but most of all keep it cool...

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    • What did you think of The Spektors?

      I know that I've mentioned before about having a guilty pleasure in liking AC/DC, but listening a very early Bon Scott is just as exciting. The Valentines with him on backing vocals with Vince Lovgrove doing "Build Me Up Buttercup" later on, not so much... LOL! ;-)

    • Loved it Becs, Very Animals/Pretty Things... Lots of the late 60's/ 70's Psychedelia and Prog Rock bands turned into Heavy Metal/Rock Bands. Just as lots of early Soul/R&B groups and singers went Heavy Jazz/Funk ;0)

    • The Spektors were only around between 1964-1966 and one of their members Murray Gracie would later describe in a book he co-edited in 2010 that their influences had been "more blues than pop - groups like the Pretty Things, Them, and The Kinks"...

    • A marriage made in Heaven! ;-) Great choices!

    • Thanks Kai!

       I knew we'd have your support...

      Just don't think I've left you for him, OK? You're still my Boating Blazer King... ;-)

    • ...and as that I hope we'll unite at this very spot in two years' time; the King and Queen of stripes! :-)

  • I haven't been on for a while so I've just seen this. Looking forward to listening to gary and Kai's choices :-) Both gents of impeccable taste. May I make a suggestion? I'm gonna anyway ;-) If you've got a youtube channel Gary or Kai you could make a playlist so all the songs play one after each other instead of having to click on each song individually?

    • Oh Thanks Paddy you got me blushing here... :-)

    • Nice one Paddy. I didn't know, that makes it so much easier. I hope you and yours are all well, thanks for the info and compliments mate. 

  • Hi Gary

    I'm confused do you want original tunes from the members themselves or just songs they like, cause it seems like that's what they're posting (just songs they like......?)

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