Spirit of the Sixties series

Look out for the Spirit of the 60's series currently showing on UKTV's YESTERDAY channel

The current episode is 'WAGs of '66' but there may be more interest in a forthcoming episode entitled: Mods and Rockers


"In 1960, Britain was shaking off its post-war torpor and becoming more affluent. There were exciting things happening in music, film and fashion. Out of this creative energy emerged the Mod (short for Modernist) movement.


Mods embraced the coolest blues and jazz and dressed as sharply as their wage packets (or pocket money) allowed. Mohair suits, smart shoes and pressed shirts were de rigueur for a weekend on the town - along with a U.S. Army surplus fishtail parka to protect all this finery from the elements. The best-dressed, coolest Mods were known as 'faces'. Lesser individuals were 'numbers' or 'tickets'... "


In fact you should see some familiar faces on that particular episode...


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  • What I'm enjoying is the ''Sounds Of The 60's ''  after it,exactly how  I remembered seeing it first time around on the BBC, and everyone talking about it in The One Up, absolutely the biz, especially the Dave Dee,Dozy,Beaky,Mitch and Tich, lip syinching ''Hold Tight'' on the kids Carousel on ''Blue Peter'' clip, MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lookin forward to it....missed the first one .....!

  • I used to have all Pinky and Perky's records when I was three years old; class tracks that sum up a golden era ha ha.

    • One group  I didn't find funny on vinyl,  The Baron Knights, what were they all about??? Woeful at it's finest,lol!!!!!!!!!!!


    • ha ha, we had Pinky & Perky as well Chris.  also a Smurf''s album which was pretty good (went to see the film recently and there was only 1 smurg song in it, very disappointing.... as well as being a crap film).

    • I never got into the Smurfs if the truth be told Karen, but Pinky and Perky were quite phenomenal in their prime, even did a stint on RSG as far I know.

    • The first ''Rave'' track before ''Spaceman'' stole their sound in the '90's for a car advert,lol!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just watched the WAG's of '66, was an ok enough watch...soundtrack was decent enough...a lot of Dusty! Definitely gonna watch the Mods and Rockers episode

  • bobby moores wife was a cracker ,,plus bobby moore ,have a puff on his pipe and a pint ,,no special diets or prima-donnas

    • i agree bobby moore the best footballer and perfect gent great series

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