• Got a couple of pairs of these but they are slightly different. They have a black fold over visor and were made in Japan 65/66. If you watch the beginning of the Beatles 'Penny Lane' video, Paul hands John an identical pair that he puts on.

  • They are called 'Ben Franklin' glasses and were also worn by Roger McGuinn from The Byrds.  I was lucky enough to purchase an original pair of these shades from a seller in the US via Ebay.  I've never actually seen them for sale before and I'm really pleased with the condition considering they are originals from the sixties.

    • Wow! Not my style but great for being orig. 60s. Nice find.

    • There's a bloke in the North Laines in Brighton selling similar to that, copies obviously

    • Those ones are very nice and cheers for the name! If you don't mind me asking, how much were they?

    • I don't think the seller realised their true worth and I purchased them for $35 including shipping to the UK. 

    • Try this thread from last year
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    • Haha no problem. But yeah I've seen Rick Buckler wear them, they're also on the record sleeve of the All Mod Cons album

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