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Just a wee thread to say thanks to Stevie for all his time and effort in making this site quality. He,s helped bring old and new friends together, Only problem is Stevie u,ve assisted in puttin Happy Jack back on the road!!!that aside Stevie well done n keep on keeping all we all appreciate n enjoy all your hard work.KTF

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  • Bobby has just knighted stephen Hughes.....SIR STEPHEN. This is how he will be refered to from now on.
    • SIR STEPHEN it is then.
    • eh, no thanks!!!
    • I take it you are content to just stick with plain old Lord Stephen of Leyton Buzzard then ha ha.
  • Well said Lainy, big thanks Stevie and all who contribute to the site and threads.
    • Stevie it much better what u,ve done wae the videos....much easier to see them all.
  • Hi Norrie, Im covering for our techs all weekend nightshift, I normally work office hours but im a company man! hahah
    • craw.
    • Its time to relax now you have worked your arse off, the only one smiling is the suntanned boss. Work and work and work and work till you die but there's plenty more fish in the sea to fry.

      Saying that, I will have to keep on slogging away myself until I win the lottery ha ha.
  • I agree 100%. Stevie is doing an absolutely brilliant job with this site. Good on ya mate, we all appreciate it. You never know, Johnny Dollar may even put his hands in his pockets and buy you a drink. Ok, I know thats going a bit too far, I'll get the coat ha ha.
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