• Your Mrs is a mod herself, isn´t she? Should be a little more understanding! ;-)

  • great to know i aint alone in this. someone in work called me the gayest straight guy they know .Ive only bought a check Baracuta harrington from ebay this month. Sorry am holding back the fred perry shirt.Well it dont count till it,s arrived. But i do need a new suit .the mrs caught me sneakin stuff to the charity shop the other day with the usual cry you have hardly worn that.

    • Recently my son (almost 6) often accused me of wearing what he calls "girl´s colours", John. See profile picture.

    • I was eyein up the very same top you have on m8 lol.


    • Yes it´s nice, by Madcap. I´m not so fond of the shirt I got off them, but their knitwear is really good!

  • Got the stick from my other "third" recently. After explaining my 5 year old son that I can´t get him a new Hot Wheel every other day he told me: "All YOU care about is clothes clothes clothes! YOU want some new clothing item yourself, every day!" Made me laugh, altough of course he´s absolutely right! 

  • Hopefully, this'll make the problem worse! Just posted a new blog entry on holiday gift ideas for men. Sorry ladies!


  • Generally my wife likes buying clothes for me rather than herself, so she's happy to look around and pick up items.  She enjoys vintage shops too which is helpful.  However occasionally she will say 'surely you don't need more clothes'.   It's true of course I don't, but the completist in me wants what I consider a 'full set'.   That crippling worry that I don't have a pair of oxblood coloured loafers for example.   It's shallow I know but true.   However eBay is fantastic at maximising acceptable buying at bargain prices.



  • I would love to give an elaborate answer but I don't have time. I'm off to buy new threads. Later!

  • I wonder how Ronnie got away with this?


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