Stylish Rucksack

I am looking for a stylish yet practical Rucksack ( or similar ) suitable for travel and holidays. Everytime I look they seem to be all either Chavvy Sports Logo's or suitable for climbing the north face of the Eiger .... any thoughts?

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    • Yes. Very nice indeed if you're trekking the Hardangervidda or Rondane in Norway...
    • City break to Dublin to celebrate my 50th. If I were to carry the things that I need in my pockets then that would have a worse effect on the shape of my clothing. As I said before I am looking for a stylish yet practical solution

    • Right ,for the sort of Holiday requiering a Rucksack I'd wear my waterproof Fred Perry (as opposed to Jack Wolfskin) jacket and a pair of trecking boots, but there's NO stylish solution involving a Rucksack, least of all for a City trip. Stylish Rucksack- the classic Oxymoron! ;-)

  • Yes, I must agree with both Frames and Kai. Holdalls are what you need, especially if you're on the scooter. If you have front and/or rear racks, you can carry one holdall at the front and one at the back, using bungee cords, but we in Australia cal them "occy straps". Not that I'm a rider, but it does work as I've done it countless times before for both overnight stays and weekenders.

  • They're suitable for nothing but climbing the Eiger... there's no such thing as a stylish Rucksack. I concur with Mr Frames.
    • I disagree, I have seen gentlemen with smart looking rucksacks, normally a leather or tweed affair but as they don't have a logo on them I do not know who makes them or where they get them from

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