Stylish Rucksack

I am looking for a stylish yet practical Rucksack ( or similar ) suitable for travel and holidays. Everytime I look they seem to be all either Chavvy Sports Logo's or suitable for climbing the north face of the Eiger .... any thoughts?

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  • Messenger bags come in handy too, especially for notebooks and laptops.

  • Back PackFred Perry x Dashing Tweeds

  • As others have said there is no such thing as a stylish rucksack, especially when wearing decent gear. They are for kagoul wearing beardos or ninja turtle fans. If you are walking round Dublin what do you need a rucksack for never mind any bag leave it in the hotel. Cafes and bars are available so you won't need rations. Imagine someone walking towards you and thinking he looks pretty smart etc then seeing your backpack, what a let down.
    • Thank you for your "help" ladies and gentlemen.

      As a, nearly, 50 year old chap who runs several companies I need to keep my laptop and notebook with me at all times as problems invariably crop up as soon as I leave my home which is why I require a rucksack. Also I have chronic back problems which mean that spreading the weight of whatever I am carrying can save me from discomfort and yet I still want to look my best, hence a rucksack is required.

      Apologies if this has upset anyones sensibilities and heaven forbid that I dress well but wear a rucksack ... as my dad used to say ... "you'll be old one day too ..."

    • I give up, just been on ebay and ordered a tracksuit and baseball cap to make sure that my rucksack doesn't offend

      toodle pip

    • How about a pair of stylish Birkenstocks to go with it if you intend to walk a lot, Bob. Only joking, haha!
    • They are very comfy I believe ... ;-)

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    • I won't be on my Scooter and I will definitely want a Rucksack not a Holdall. A Holdall has to be hand held and on a day out on holiday walking round all day with a holdall will get tiresome whilst a Rucksack is a more practical and the weight borne on the shoulders rather than the weight being concentrated on one side.

      There must be a trade off between practicality and style. My normal "Man-Bag" is a handmade leather one and looks great but with any weight in it the cut into one shoulder quickly becomes uncomfortable

      So with these new parameters any other thoughts?


      There you go Bob
    • Thank you that is closer to what I was looking for.

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